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The Girls Who Make Boxes | The Archive

many fancy dress costumes. Why don’t you borrow one from her for tonight’s party? A is having B has C has had 22 (A) stunning costumes th.

Dirty Work (2018)

Many people find their work rather boring (bore) but I get a lot of satisfaction (satisfy) from my job. Advertising can be very creative (create). a) Many people find their work rather boring (bore) but I get a lot of satisfaction (satisfy) from my job. Advertising can be very creative (create) because you have to think of new ways to attract people’s attention (attend). The best way to do this is by surprising them. Familiarity (familiar) is boring and people soon get fed up with an ad/advertisement (advertise) they have seen many times before. Unconsciously (conscious) they want to be shocked. Apart from originality (original), the other really important characteristic (character) of a good campaign is memorability (memorable). After all if people don’t remember what was being advertised, they won’t buy the product (produce). b) In my family we don’t worry about fitness (fit). I suppose you could say I’m rather unhealthy (health). I only eat junk food and I never do any exercise. I’m not very energetic (energy) and I’m completely useless (use) at sports. My two sisters are not unsimilar (similar) to me when it comes to leading active lives. Neither of them has played any kind of sport since childhood (child). What they lack in sporting ability, they make up for in intelligence (intelligent). They are two of the cleverest (clever) people I know. One of them works as a research scientist (science) and the other designs electronic equipment like calculators (calculate) and mobile phones. They have both done extremely well in what are very competitive (compete) professions. C. Fill in the gaps with ‘at’, ‘on’ or ‘in’ where necessary. 1. Kate doesn’t normally work …at weekends, but she had to work … last Sunday. 2. We’re leaving … tomorrow morning, but we’ll be back …in three weeks’ time. 3. Did the elf send you a card …on your birthday? 4. …(At) what time does the meeting start …on Monday? 5. I can normally get home from work …in about half an hour …on Friday evenings. 6. They went on holiday to Spain …at Easter and then again …in the summer. 7. The bridge was built …in the 16th century. 8. Do you enjoy driving …at night? 9. I’m taking my driving test …at 4. 30 …on July 3rd. 10. He was born …in 1900 and died …in 1972. 11. I’m going to a conference in Egypt …in a week. 12. Can you meet me …at 2 o’clock … next Saturday afternoon? 13. – I’ve got a dentist’s appointment … on Friday. – Oh, I went to the dentist’s … last week. 14. – … What time is your interview? – It’s …at ten o’clock …in the morning. 15. – I’m going on holiday …in July. – Me too. I always go on holiday …in the summer. 16. – I’m having a party …on Saturday night. – Really? Can I come? 17. – Are you having a piano lesson … this week? – Yes, my teacher is coming …on Thursday. 18. – When did you start working here? – …In 1996, when I left university. 19. – The hippo bought a new car … yesterday. – Oh, what’s it like? 20. Is Grandma coming to visit us …on Christmas Day? – Yes, she’ll be here …at lunchtime. 21. – Dad, when were you born? – I was born …on 7th June, 1965. 22. – Shall we meet …at seven o’clock tomorrow? – Oh, I can’t. I have a meeting …at that time. 23. – When was the bicycle invented? – It was invented …in the 19th century. 24. – John and Mary are moving to a new house …in November. – I know. Mary told me … last week. 25. – Do you start work …at nine o’clock? – Oh, no. I never work …in the mornings. 26. Shall we go out … this evening? – Yes, I’d love to go out … tonight. 27. – What time does the train to Birmingham leave? – It leaves …at a quarter past eight.

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is the thirty-first Avenue. 9. They didn’t work on Monday. 10. We can’t get anything from you. 11. I want to buy this toy and you want the other. Correct the mistakes. 1. You was tired after work. 2. We celebrate this holiday in the April. 3. Do you want something? 4. He is the nine child in his family. 5. Did you washed your hands and face? 6. I need two hundreds dollars. 7. One pupil is in the classroom, the others children are in the yard. 8. This is the thirties-one Avenue. 9. They didn’t work in Monday. 10. We can’t get nothing from you. 11. I want to buy this toy and you want the others toys. 12. Does somebody know you here? 13. There are many cold days on winter. 14. She was liked her mother. 15. He gives her two third of his money. 16. There is no any apples in the basket. 17. Somebody know this language. 18. They have many practice every lesson. 19. None of we meet him. 20. The twentyth of March was a very hard day for me. 21. There is a few coffee in the cup. 22. I use all these butter for a cake. 23. We knows less words then you. 24. Do they finished their work? 25. Tom and Alice was at the seaside last summer. 26. When was you born? – I was born on 1960. 27. They didn’t yesterday open their shop. 28. Put those bread into the cupboard. 29. Does she go for a walk often? 4. Spring are a nice season. Let’s to go to the cinema. We often see an umbrellas in the hall. 4. There is an university in Moscow. My friend Mary sleeps often till noon on Sundays. 6. John and Tom is at home. We all are hungry after the walk. I have to go to a doctor sometimes. You can speak Chinese or English? 10. She is sorry, doesn’t she? 11. Whose are that cars? 12. They must know this story, don’t they? 13. Why you tell me about Kitty? 14. Who are at the meeting? 15. There is an ice in the glass. Put a few sugar in my cup, please. What are in the box? 18. What are this girls? 19. Are there any snow on the ground? 20. There aren’t much students in the room. I have many homework today. | 22. Nick and Sue has 2 children. We grow in same family. It is such difficult task. 25. You always find the such interesting book. Take my dress, your is dirty. Theirs voyage was wonderful. I am not good today. I don’t know nobody in this class. 30. Bring me the others books. 31. There is no a bridge across the river. 32. Which of the boys play baseball? 33. They haven’t yet came to me. –> ЧИТАТЬ ОТВЕТ <--Похожие вопросыПомогите!! Пожалуйста нуб в уравнениях. 0. 8x-(0. 7+0. 36)=7. 1 5(x-10)-3(x+25)=2*(0. 3x+1)У треугольнику MNK MN=r, MK=n, NK=m. пользуясь теоремой косинусов, найдите cos MПостроить рассказ по плану. Мысль нужно подтвердить примером. 1Какое предложение называется сложным? Как его отличить от простого? 2 Как могут быть связаны между собой части ложного предложения? 3 Что общего у союзов и, а, но, и. Расстояние между двумя городами 420 км. Поезду на пути из одного пункта в другой осталось пройти 180 км. На сколько киллометров больше поезд прошёл, чем ему осталось пройти? сочинение на тему осень с причастными оборотами1)ножной тормоз грузового автомобиля считался исправным, если при торможении автомобиля, движущегося со скоростью 36 кмч, по сухой и ровной дороге, тормозной путь не превышает 12, 5 метров. Найти тормозное ускорение. Выделите окончания и укажите их грамматические значения Не обидим друга, доверяешь товарищу, он выезжает, ветер свищет, дельфины глубоко дышат, выгладят утюгом, дождь барабанит по крыше, вы негромко напеваете. Пример: люди убе. У дурмана ген пурпурного цвета цветков, доминирует над геном белого цвета, а ген колючих плодов - коробочек - над геном гладких. Растение с пурпурными цветками и гладкими коробочками схрестили с растением, у которого белые цве. Известны длины сторон прямоугольника:1, 5 см и 3, 4 см. Найдите площадь этого прямоугольника в квадратных сантиметрах. Решите задачу разными способами: 1) выразив длины сторон в миллиметрах; 2)перейдя от десятичных дробей к обыкнов. Cвет мой, зеркальце, скажи Да всю правду доложи Я ль на свете всех милее, Всех румяней и белее? Подчеркнуть в словах буквы обозначающие парные мягкие согласные